About Us

Urban living is very unique.  From going to school or witnessing art, city living offers a variety of interesting experiences to learn from.  

Urban Girl Adventures is a unique book series about the life of a little girl in NYC, who captures her happenings through her photography.  Patience, the main character, collaborated with her mom and decided  to show children who aren't city dwellers, the way a child in the city experiences life. From traveling, to dining, playing or seeing art, Urban Girl Adventures lends an exciting view of city living through young eyes.


“Urban Girls” fosters literacy for grades Pre-K to 1st grade.” From reading this series, children will learn:


· How a child travels in a city

· Recreation alternatives for children

· Animal life in the city

· Urban art forms

· Observing nature in a city

· Experiencing cultural foods in a city

· And MORE!


And to top things off, parents and educators will appreciate that each book of the series has an 

age-appropriate glossary in the back.  There are words specific to urban experiences, that are clearly defined for young readers, aiding in their vocabulary enhancement.


Enjoy using he Urban Girl Adventures series for:


· Pre-K read alouds

· Kindergarten readers

· 1st grade readers

· Urban Studies Curricula

· Transportation Studies

· Early Childhood Art

· Animal Studies

· Learning History and Culture